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Up 'N' Under

5 - 7 March 2009

Dedicated to the Rugby League fans of Hull and created for the Hull Truck Theatre Company, this John Godber classic premiered in 1984.

Set "somewhere in the north of England" it Centres on the amateur rugby team from the Wheatsheaf Arms who can only muster a side of four whose pride lies in their unbroken record of defeat (54-0 their most spectacular score yet!) For an outrageous bet, Arthur, a retired player, undertakes to train the boys for a match against the Cobblers Arms - the best side in the north of England.  Arthur enlists the help of Hazel who runs a body building gym and he's confident. Will the Wheatsheaf lads beat the terror of the 7-a-side league?'

Laugh out loud, rum, Yorkshire humour weaved into a fantastically honest and heartfelt journey.

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